>Here’s the first post!

Welcome to Crafting Crusade. In the past few years, the time-honored tradition of buy-use-trash-buy-use-trash has, unsurprisingly, bought up, used up, and trashed up our globe beyond belief. It has also taught us that things are bought, not created – used, not made – trashed, not reused.

Right now, we’re caught between a looming environmental catastrophe, and a self-inflicted lack of creativity. It’s up to you to shake things up. You, and all the crafting, garden-keeping, farmer’s-market-shopping, eco-shoe-wearing, wind-power-using greenies we can find.

Don’t just think outside the box. Take a crafting blade to it and turn it into a book stand. Or an ottoman. Or a work of art. 

So have a read and take a look around. What can you do differently, and how can you make things greener, safer, and more original? Make it, fix it, find it, reuse it. And save some money doing it.

Welcome to the crusade.

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