>Hot (as in Cool) Tin Roof


There I was, walking down the street in the village on my way to meet up with friends in my beloved, bohemian Alphabet City when I came upon… this:

So, I got a little closer. this was an honest to goodness tin roof in an east village garden, made entirely of TIN CANS! A fantastic project for using up those larger tin cans to create an out door structure. It has a similar structure to terracotta roofs, and my guess is that by applying them like shingles (the top pieces slightly overlapping bottom pieces) the roof remains solid and water proof.

Sadly, there weren’t any gardeners around to explain who built the structure and how well it functioned, but based on appearances it’s a fairly weathered structure that has held up through the sort of spastic weather NYC is prone to.  I can see this roof technique working wonders for a play house roof, a dog house or awning over a pergola. Enjoy the pictures – and if your near Avenue B and 6th street sometime soon, keep an eye out for this garden.

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