>Stashbusting for a Youngster! SBfaY #1:The Saga Begins…

>Yarncrafting can be one of the most fun and creative activities – especially when one is snowed in, sick, injured or, if you are particularly lucky, all three at once!

Right now I am slowly working through a cache of baby yarn. how did I get all this baby yarn? Let me digress….

About 2 months ago my boyfriend’s niece turned 1. Sadly, I was out of town, but offered to knit something and send it to her. “Great!” he said. Or maybe “Really? That would be great!” Or, more probably, “Great! That’s really sweet, but don’t put yourself out.” At any rate, I had the go-ahead, but none of the size information. but hey! I could wing it, right?

Well, then I started shopping for yarn at the East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use. If you live in the Bay Area and you haven’t been there, you should definitely check it out. They take donations and sell at very reasonable rates – $2 for a complete skein and $1 for an ‘incomplete’ one.

I immediately grabbed some cute baby yarn, but hadn’t decided what to make, and shortly called him again and asked questions like “What are her parents’ favorite colors?” and “do they do the whole pink thing?” and “Do you have a measurement of her head?”

…Really? ‘Do you have a measurement of her head?!’ What was I saying! But alas, caught up in the whirl of new crafting challenge and a wealth of cheap quality yarn, I had become delirious.

That’s why Ive decided to include the projects I’ve done in a SBfaY series (hehe, sounds like ‘spiff-ay’). Each post gets a SBfaY tag, and will show the project, the pattern link and any alterations I made or the pattern itself (if it’s one of my original designs).

Looking forward to the challenge, and prepare for the child-crafting frenzy to begin!

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