A Good Listen: Lion Brand Yarn’s Podcast Series “Yarn Craft”

For those of you who aren’t already listening to this excellent podcast series, here are Crafting Crusader’s top 5 reasons why you should start!

5) It’s like going to the yarn fairs, but without checking your double pointed needles. These ladies go just about everywhere and talk to just about everyone about everything yarn craft on the way. it’s a great way to get new tips and tricks, and to figure out new ideas groups or projects you’d like to try.

4) Liz has bunnies. Adorable bunnies. Their antics are often referenced.

3) Lion Brand Yarn is totally crochet friendly! Ok, so I hear there is knitting bias out there, but Lion Brand Yarn will never just assume your crafting preference. They provide for both crafts, and even have info for spinners and weavers in their Podcasts. (and Vanna White is their spokesperson – and an avid crochet-ista!)

2) Liz and Zontee offer different points of view – Liz loves making socks, Zontee doesn’t. Zontee prefers to swatch, while Liz prefers to jump right in. Zontee prefers to throw her stitches, Liz prefers to pick. This adds a little diversity to the pot and includes a little something for every yarn crafter.

1) Listening you do with the ears, you need everything else for your project. This way you get to hear cool new ideas without having to look them up, while you do your crafting (or, if you’re like me, while you do household chores and WISH you were crafting!)

Here’s where to find their newest podcasts, and follow them so each new podcast is downloaded to your iTunes when you refresh!


Enjoy, and as always, Happy Crafting!


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