Knit Art That Doesn’t Itch!

Just came across this lovely interview  on Hello Craft with Rania Hassan – take a look at her innovative style of combining paintings on canvas with knitting, and pushing that work into three dimensional space.

Would you look at this? I'd love to have her work in my living room...

Very cool, and a very cool explanation of where her ideas have come from, and so much more. Here are some of her thoughts on the difference between so-called ‘art’ and ‘craft’:

In my definition, craft is functional, art is not. It also depends what angle of craft you’re coming from, as different people have different definitions. For instance, in the fine craft world, they separate the craft disciplines into five materials based categories: Fiber, Metal, Glass, Wood, and Mixed Media. In that world, I’m defined as a mixed media fiber artist, even though my work is not functional.” – Rania Hassan

TO see more of Raina’s work, check out her site at Love it, love the work, and as always, love to Hello Craft!

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