5 Crafting New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

New Year’s Eve is really the worst time in the world to be thinking of self improvement. Chances are you’re either at a party, or wishing you were at a party – neither of them particularly good mental vantage points for looking into the future and seeing how you want to live your life differently for the coming year. So, I like to start the resolution process in the New Year. More specifically, this year, I’m starting today.

A resolution should, in my opinion, should be simple and specific. That way you know if you’ve achieved it. “Being healthy” is difficult to monitor and easy to cheat on (as a lover of eating cake for breakfast, I know the truth of this) So I’ve created these 5 Crafting New Years Resolutions for my yarn habit:

1) Create and write 12 Amigurumi patterns this year: I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but I figure with all the yarn I’ve stashed and amigurumi skills I’ve developed, this should be an appropriately challenging project. Stay tuned for those patterns!

2) Organize the stash: I know it’s not that specific, but trust me I need this one. I emptied out my storage unit when I moved this year and found all the yarn I’d forgotten about… yarn which is now, for the most part, in boxes and bags in my closet. this madness has to end. I’m not sure how to make this a concrete plan yet, but that brings us to resolution #3…

3) Create and organizational plan for 2012: I started a new job in 2011, moved twice, and had an altogether amazing year. Somehow though, the organization fairy failed to visit my house and I still have cardboard boxes from storage and notebooks hidden all over my house with no clear way of keeping them together. Getting over that requires a plan; I will make this plan. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I really need to find my stuff.

4)Try out lace: Lace knitting has always freaked me out in some way, so I’d like to get over that this year. I might crochet some too, and I am hoping it comes easily and doesn’t drive me crazy. We’ll see how accurate that hope it.

5) Take more (& better) pictures: I make so many things that I love but forget to show them off by taking good pictures. Learning to stage them better and having the patience to set aside the time doesn’t seem like a huge thing… until you look back on 2011 and see that you haven’t done it yet.

So, those are my resolutions! What are your big ideas for the coming year?

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