Crafting Can Make You A Happier Person

Pretty audacious thought, huh?
As an avid reader and writer in the blogosphere, I find titles like that a little obnoxious, but mostly I’m annoyed by them when they don’t deliver. Crafting can, and will, make you a happier person when applied in moderation, and when you look to the beautiful aspects of the process (rather than just the products). You don’t have to buy more supplies – being surrounded by more stuff rarely makes us feel better. But being surrounded by things you love and have loved making – that’s a different story.

Create a sense of ownership in your life with crafting. When I graduated from college I dove right into the workforce, determined to be the best admin assistant aide Gal Friday I could and work my way up. that lifestyle is tiring, taxing, and ultimately even if you do the best job in the world, you probably won’t get the credit. When you make something, your work is refreshingly yours – almost divinely yours. No one told you the specifics of how to do it or sent you a catty email ten minutes later telling you that it’s wrong. It’s yours to love, or change, or throw into the scrap heap. Enjoy it!

Remember to embrace the beauty of what you are doing. Few things unite the human race in quite the way that crafting does. Think of it – every culture has a history of making things by hand. Loving handcrafted work has a place in every heart, and we are all capable of creation of some kind. Perhaps you write, or paint, or are a master of the scrapbook. You are carrying on the grand tradition of  turning raw materials into something that has never existed before and will never be precisely duplicated. That act makes you mighty.

When you make a project yourself – from mittens to monkey bars – you are a creator. You make beautiful things because you can, you want to, and you enjoy it. There’s a certain kind of beauty in that act all on its own. Enjoy, relax, and be happy!

One thought on “Crafting Can Make You A Happier Person

  1. This is very true. And it feels really good to complete a project! Crafting can help with other creative pursuits, because once you start making things you find that you approach other tasks with a slightly different frame of mind.

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