Valentines Day Crochet 2 Hand Mitten Pattern!

2 Handed Valentine's Day MittenThis time last year I plum forgot about this simply gorgeous pattern for a valentine’s day gift I’d wanted to make for my boyfriend. I saw a pattern on Coco Knits for free, and absolutely fell in love with it!

Tragically, not only did I not have a set of DPNs in the correct size, but I had let time grow short! I decided – what’s easier than buying a new set of needles and following directions? Why, creating a crochet version of the same pattern, of course! Little did I know the antics that would ensue…

However, here, after days of ripping out and figuring out a good stretchy cast on (wound up using a foundation single crochet tutorial from here)…

… is where the pattern would have been if my computer hadn’t eaten it. I’ve included the instructions for the cuffs, since i was able to find those notes, and I’m considering re-building the whole pattern again – if you all think that I should.

So really, it’s entirely up to you – do you want this pattern? Tell me!

Cuffs: make 2

fsc 15, join. ch2
1fpdc around next post, 1bpdc around next post. continue around to end, join with sl. ch2. Continue this round till 3 inches, or desired length (for me, 3 rounds was enough).

2sc in every stitch (not the space)around till last stitch, 1 sc in last stitch, join with sl.

… and that’s all I have left? want more? Tell me in a comment here, or on my Facebook page.

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