Kids in the (Urban Food) Desert

Today is a great day: Food Bloggers Against Hunger are all blogging today about the problem of hunger, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the movement. Today we’re all asking: What would you do if you were hungry?


I’m not just about “hm, been a while since that breakfast I didn’t eat, I’m feeling peckish” hunger. I’m talking about the slow, grinding hunger of never having enough food, and not knowing where your food is going to come from.

The reality is that people in the US are still going hungry to the tune of 47 million

nationwide, including 17 million children. Surely keeping kids alive and healthy is a goal that’s beyond reproach, and above politics. I mean seriously now. Malnutrition and dietary disease are running rampant and often are hidden in the overweight and obese bodies of CHILDREN. How are we even a little ok with this?

I recently had the chance to see A Place at the Table, a fantastic documentary on hunger (“Food Insecurity” is the term now, but that sounds like a problem of the mind rather than a problem of policy, so I’m sticking with “Hunger”). My main take away from it, and all the work I’ve done with hunger, was this:

Charity is not enough. It’s not enough to be sad. Change has been bogged down with a lot of back and forth on taking money out of SNAP to pay for other feeding programs (which is a lot like giving you $5 by taking it out of your left pocket and putting it into your right).  There’s been a lot of squabbling over what people are allowed to buy with their SNAP dollars. This isn’t helping.

You know what is enough? Policy change. Living-wage jobs. Accessible nutritious food. A responsible social safety net. And not a single child left hungry in this nation.

What can you do now? Well, I’m very glad you asked!

  1. Take 30 seconds and send a letter to congress asking them to support anti-hunger legislation. The more letters the better! Seriously, I’ve worked in a few government mail rooms, and you’d be shocked how few letters it takes to demonstrate a groundswell of support.
  2. If you volunteer, volunteer as an advocate: donate your time and expertise to share petitions, call your representatives, and support anti-hunger policies.
  3. Sign this petition asking our federal government to keep the promise of ending child hunger in the US by 2015.
  4. Check out the film A Place at the Table either in your city or on demand through iTunes and Amazon. You can even see the trailer below:

Trailer: A Place at the Table

Have an idea of how to help, or change that you can help make to help end hunger?
I love hearing from you, leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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