Thrift Store Paintings with Monsters

Ok, so I missed last night’s deadline – but from the look of it, it appears I hiccuped the deadline on the 3rd, meaning I’m only one short?

Anyway, in honor of a time crunch (and also to share with you a funky reuse trend I absolutely love, I give you thrift store paintings with monsters!

Recently there was a bit of a to do over a Banksy painting graffiti – a landscape from Housing Works that he added a pensive NAZI officer to. He then re-donated it to the NYC-based thrift store, they¬†immediately put it to auction and made themselves a chunk of change! And because they are a progressive organization, that’s a chunk of change… for change…

See the process works like this: have painting, add monster. The trick seems to be getting the monster to work in the same artistic style as the original painting. Not sure of the attributions here (except for the signatures on the paintings), but these are so awesome I wanted to share!

Here are some more of my favorites:

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