My Experience Using Ramit Sethi’s “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

Today I’d like to share my downright fantastic experience using Ramit Sethi‘s financial planning resources. I began reading the free-to-access blog he hosts a year ago, and in that time (using his advice) I’ve found, interviewed for and gotten a new job at $10k more a year, begun marketing myself as an effective resource to employers, and paid down the $16K that was left on my student loans from dear old NYU.

Till now, I’ve always been the sort to make an excel sheet, save compulsively, and just figure I’ll pay for everything out of pocket and life will be fine. But reading this book made it clear that there were things I could do – simple things, like spending 20 minutes finding a  better bank, or picking up the phone and giving my credit score a boost in minutes – that would make my financial future more awesome. What I really love about his material is the emphasis on being a top performer and on earning more $$. There are a bunch of frugality resources out there, but not many about actually earning more, so this was a big help to me.

So, without further ado, some of my favorite best-of hits from his blog. For more on these and a 6-week plan to kicking personal finance butt, I recommend the easy to read book with the terribly trashy title: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

How to Improve Your Credit Score

How to Pick a Roth IRA

The World’s Easiest Guide To Understanding Retirement Accounts

Conscious Spending: Spend Extravagantly on the Things You Love

I sent my last student loan payment in this summer, and with the extra $ that would have gone to my monthly payment, I purchased one of his online courses (the first money I’ve actually sent his way, I did all this work with the free material he offers and by reading his book, which I read for free). Since then I’ve purchased his Earn1K side income stream lesson program, and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I’ll keep you informed on my progress!

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