Beads, Glorious Salvaged Beads!

With mom heading up to visit ME for Thanksgiving this year (but more on that later) I’ve been digging through supplies in an effort to “Clean” – read as: play with craft stuff, and then have a nice couple hours of panic cleaning before she arrives.

That said, I dug through a pile of old jewelry some clothes and found beads I’ve been meaning to salvage forever! I love the look of them, but hate toggle bracelets (seriously, can ANYONE wear these and have them NOT fall off? just me? oh? ok…) and consequently never wore them. one of them I ever wired into a chain on a skirt I wore in college to show it off, but the cheap links and my tendency to run into things wound up breaking several off. altogether I have these left after a few years of putting off crafting with them, and I’m SO excited to share with you what they’ll turn into! Not yet though, for now, just these pretty, pretty pictures… Enjoy!





Seriously, so pretty right?!

One thought on “Beads, Glorious Salvaged Beads!

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