Looking Back on 2013

This was a year of trying to get stuff into working order, and largely, it went very well. I moved into a much better apt with much better facilities, in a very nice neighborhood. I was able to see friends at weekly knitting about once a week, and spend the evening enjoying company in a calm, friendly way. I tried out some new exercising routines, and not that any of them have stuck, but I’ve enjoyed experimenting. I even tried out Nerd Wars for knitting for the first year, and I made it to several meetings of the Food Policy Breakfast series and got to meet some of the policy heroes I’ve been reading all about. In a day-to-day way, it has been a very good year.

Good life stuff? I’m finally done with paying off NYU, and it feels awesome! It feels sorta silly to say that was my biggest accomplishment of 2013, since I did it in the summer, and now it isn’t quite so fresh, but I am very proud of the work it took to get there. As part of a larger picture, I took the reigns of my financial present and future, so that feels pretty good too. I’m making big strides in how I handle money and what my financial outlook is. I’ve always been a bit of a savings squirrel, but feeling free with money and enjoying it instead of being afraid of losing it is a new and fun feeling.

This also means I have new opportunities – I can pursue new living and working opportunities and not feel trapped by debt. I did knitting and visited family a little more too, and am really looking forward to learning new skills  in the new year and working on new projects!

Happy last year, and happy new year!

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