2014 Goals for a New Year

I much prefer the idea of new goals to ‘resolutions’ – mostly because a resolution seems, to me, to indicate a list of constant behaviors you have to be always doing or, more often than not, refraining from (like eating sweets, sleeping in, skipping the gym etc.). It sort of reminds me of Lent in my house growing up – mommy used to say that instead of giving something up, try to focus on adding something good to your routine. This has even proven helpful in diet-change work for me, since instead of cold-turkeying it on the junky foods i like, i just focus on being sure to get in all the fruits and veg i need. Not that I always make it, but it’s focused on an abundance of god things, rather than self-denial.

So, without further ado, some goals I have for 2014:

Write More – I like the feeling of having written something, and I like the act of getting something down on the page/screen – but I still find it hard to sit down and do it. I plan on sitting down to do it more often.

Get my Learner’s Permit – This is shamefully overdue, but my current ID expires this year and I want to replace it with driving credentials. Ideally  a license, but at least  learners, because come on, I’m gonna be 30 soon.

Get my Passport – I keep thinking I’ve missed the boat (literally) on international travel by not going abroad for a year or something. but when I’m asked where I’d go, I never have a clue! So I think I’ll get rid of the passport barrier and open myself up to travel opportunities.

Make a Dress – I sorta pulled this off last year but never finished it. I can resolve to do fun things, right? Of course right.

Learn to Cook More Foods – I’ve perfected the art f making food not-raw, but I’d like to explore making it more delicious in more ways. Ways that don’t come pre-packed or in a  kit. I think this will involve learning to shop for food better, so that’s here too.

Go Dancing – I miss dancing so much. I love the way it felt to go ballroom dancing, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it. So,dancing goes on the list.

Find more Exercise Routines I Like – Goes along with dancing I suppose, I want to find more ways to exercise that I enjoy. I haven’t really explored this much, so exploring it more will be a goal!

So those are my goals thus far, what are yours?

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