FO Friday – The Peaks Island Hood!

So, Friday night I fell asleep wrapped up in my newly finished object, and didn’t get to post this due to its cuddly goodness. The project is, of course, the Peaks Island Hood by the incomparable Ysolda Teague. And here it is all stretched out!


First, let me say how much I’ve been longing to knit this pattern. It’s been a year and a half. I’ve had it printed and in-hand that long, waiting for the right yarn to come along, and just a little bit nervy about knitting my first Ysolda pattern (which in retrospect was kinda dumb, since she’s awesome and writes very knitterly patterns).

Second, let me say how long I’ve had the yarn. I’ve had this yarn for roughly 5 years. But Margaret, you might say, we though you were waiting for the right yarn to knit it? How is it you already had the yarn? Well. I’ll tell you.

In 2008 I had this fantasy of designing a perfect hooded scarf, since I couldn’t find a pattern I liked (I had just joined Ravelry then and didn’t understand how to use it yet). I bought 3 balls of Pattons Merino Wool in Bottle Green, because it was gorgeous, and started knitting up my new scarf. It was terrible. My gauge was too tiny and stiff, I was scared of running out of yarn and so made the scarf and hood too narrow, and the cabled detail I wanted just wouldn’t work out properly. and so it was relegated to the to-frog bin, and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost.

Fast forward to Rhinebeck this year, where I’m pulling out this pattern in every yarn booth wondering, hoping, is this the one? I even bought some yarn to re-dye, double ply and knit. Then I came home and bought another hank, this time MadTosh, thinking this would be it. Until my eyes fell on a twist of frogged green. Hm. I wanted to design…a cable-increased hood, with the body of the scarf in seed stitch… and here’s a pattern… with a unique increased hood… and the body in seed stitch…

A quick Rav search for the yarn details to ensure I had the proper yardage of this now (I believe) discontinued yarn, and I was off to the swatching races. I just finished her last night, and she’s a real beaut. Hooray for stash diving, and FINALLY getting to wear this gorgeous color and beautiful scarf!

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